Fumihiko Tanifuji / 谷藤史彦 – About Shinya Sakurai / 櫻井伸也のこと

About Shinya Sakurai

Fukuyama is the place where a lot of internationally popular artists have grown up. A painter Shu Takahashi, who mostly worked in Rome and he is working at his studio in Kurashiki, was born in this city. Also, sculptors like Itto Kuetani, who is working in carrano in Italy and Masaaki Noda, who is working in mainly New York, are also from Fukuyama. Now, Shinya Sakurai is becoming one of them.
Even though being born in 1981 and being a young artist, he has spent over 10 years for his career in Torino, Italy. He is mainly working with ALBANESE ARTE gallery in Matera, (south of Italy) and BASE gallery in Tokyo and HEIS gallery in Fukuoka for group and solo exhibitions and art fairs. He learned Art Producing and Textile in Osaka University of Arts and Theater Art and Paintings in Accademia Albertina della bell’arte di Torino, but he is mostly working in paintings.
Atomic Bombing, Love, and Peace are his main themes in his work. That is from what he felt when he spent time in Italy. The images about Hiroshima of Italian people have significantly influenced him. He takes those inspirations in his work and expresses it with bright and soft colors like Italian huge brand Benetton. As like Benetton used social issues like discrimination and wars for their advertisement campaign, Shinya Sakurai is also aiming to depict such issues personally and socially in his colorful work.

Fumihiko Tanifuji Chief Curator, Fukuyama Museum of Art